This is my house! Not really, but its the pool I go to. 

Anyone who spends any decent amount of time at the swimming pool is bound to find some little pet peeves and grievances with their fellow swimmers and gym goers.  I generally wouldn’t be one to air a list of complaints, but after some deliberation I thought maybe I should mention some of these pet peeves on my blog in the interests of making pools everywhere a better place. So here it goes.

  • Wringing your wet swimsuit out in the middle of the change room– Some guy did this last week and that is what inspired this post.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when he took his swimming trunks and rung all the water out of them on the side of the changeroom opposite the showers, in basically the dryest part of the room furthest from a drain.  What on earth was he thinking?  Does he think he’s doing everyone a favor by making sure everyone’s socks get wet as they get changed?
  • Wearing basketball shorts and underwear in to the hot tub– This is pretty gross.  I just don’t get how some people think its okay to go straight from the weight room or gym floor to the hot tub and assume that other people are okay with sitting an a warm tub of water with their bacteria infested underwear and shorts. Ugh.  Gym shorts and underarmor boxers are not the same as board shorts or swimwear.
  • Completely ignoring the lanes- There are leisure center pools, and there are lane pools.  I don’t mind if people just want to wade around in the pool and not swim lap after lap like us mindless drones, but if you’re going to just laze around and socialize at least do it in the lane usually closest to the wall where people are a little more casual about the swim.
  • Not returning flutter board/pull buoys at the end of the lane– This is more for the staff who are waiting around to save your life if you start to drown.  Lifeguards are not housekeepers there to pick up after you because you can’t be bothered to return equipment from the bin where you got it.  You know who you are, would it hurt you to pick up after yourself?
  • Canoodling-  I’m not sure which is worse, the wearing of sweaty undergarments post workout in the hot tub, or affectionate partners looking like they’re getting ready to do the no pants dance in the pool.  Gross. Just Gross. Get a room kids.
  • Talking on your phone in the changeroom- Its just sort of creepy.  I don’t really care if someone quickly picks up to say they’ll call back in a minute, because we all lead busy lives, I get it.  But prolonged phone conversations in the changeroom is very poor etiquette.  Plus, with the widespread availability of camera phones, you have to remember, you’re standing there with a camera pointed at a bunch of naked people of all ages which is a serious invasion of privacy and its grounds for having your membership revoked at a lot of facilities.

Anyways, those are my two cents for the week.  What about you?  Is there anything that drives you up the wall at the pool?