Last week I was off to beautiful, sunny, Maui.  A few of you may have noticed from my Instagram feed that this is where I had the pleasure of running, surfing, beaching, eating fish tacos and masubi, and enjoying banana bread.

Anyways, when I was out there I also noticed someone wearing the unmistakeably awesome plaid SeaWheeze shorts.  Then when I was flying back to YYC via LAX, I noticed not one but TWO people using their lululemon athletica SeaWheeze totes to carry some carry on stuff.  Then something that I already knew struck me, people really loved that run. I mean really loved that run.

It’s been three whole months since SeaWheeze and people are still showing the love for it.  I mean, obviously people are going to reuse the merchandise that they picked up at the event. Its nice stuff and there would be no reason to toss it or stop wearing/using it.  But whether you do just one race a year, or a dozen races a year, you tend to gravitate towards using the swag from the races that you enjoyed more than the ones you didn’t.

As pace beavers for SeaWheeze I can honestly say that lululemon pulled out all the stops to make sure that the run was a special one for everyone. 21.1km means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  For one person it can represent months, even years of hard work to achieve a goal that their former self may have thought impossible.  For another it can represent a small stepping stone towards that big Boston Qualifier slot.  For some it can represent a friendship and a common goal to cross off of a bucket list.  And for at least two couples that day it actually represented a whole bunch of steps before a guy got down on a knee and asked a girl to spend the rest of their lives together.

In any event, 21.1km generally isn’t something trivial. It’s a distance and accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated.

Whenever I meet someone who has just gotten into running, or is contemplating signing up for a race, I really push them to sign up for a race or run.  Sometimes, often-times, I actually push them a little harder than they’d like.  It’s something I do because events like this are a tangible recognition of the commitment that we make to bettering ourselves when we decide to go out for a run.  When I cheer at the side of the road for a complete stranger 16km into a half marathon, I do it because I believe that by running those steps they’re making their lives better, and the lives of those around them better, and they deserve my support and encouragement for that.

From the pre-work that begins almost a year before the race to engage the stores, educators, and ambassadors, to the amazing and unique cheer stations, to the wicked afterparty and huge yoga practice, everything about SeaWheeze came together to make the race a memorable experience. Anyways, the gist of what I’m trying to say here, is that the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, is a pretty awesome event.  I really encourage anyone who’s on the fence about doing this run, or any other like it, to sign up come January.

I had a blast “pace beaving” for it and as soon as I got back I was amped to tell everyone I knew that next year we would all have to head out to YVR for it. If you’re a new runner looking to run your first half, then this is the one for you.  The training plans are great, the support and encouragement from the spectators and organizers is awesome, the route is well organized and aid stations well placed, and the pre and post events are more than worth edging out any other runs you were considering.  If you’re a seasoned runner building to another race, then this is a great no-pressure LSD run with a beautiful route and solid organization for each target finish time.

Beavers unite!

Beavers unite!

Finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without a great big shout out to all my fellow Pace Beavers and Run Ambassadors! I’m stoked to hopefully see you all again next year (hopefully sooner), and it was a blast to run with you all! Especially the 1:55 crew with Rives and Natalie! Thanks again and hope to see you all out there August 23, 2014!

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