Before the Covid-19 Pandemic began, myself and some of the team at YYCRunCrew and Run Calgary had the idea of creating a series of “run talks” that would bring athletes, business owners, and community leaders together. Together with Big Rock Brewery, we organized monthly run talks in the Big Rock taproom including Olympians, coaches, athletes, and influencers.

And then Covid-19 happened. Feeling the need to keep the conversation, and in the hope of creating connection for our local, and the global, run community, we went online. Here you’ll find our weekly RUNTalks.

RUNTalks | May 4 | Sustainability and Industry Evolution

For our May 4 RUNTalk we sat down with NUUN Hydration’s Chief Eternal Optimist Kevin Rutherford and the Chicago Marathon’s Race Director Michael Nishi to talk about how the world of endurance sports is changing and evolving to be more sustainable, and how it will respond to our return to racing post Covid-19. This week’s RUNTalk was hosted by Raf Lopez and Kirsten Fleming.

RUNTalks | April 27 | All About Boston

This week hosts Raf Lopez and Kirsten Fleming sat down with the Race Director of the Boston Marathon, Dave McGillivary to talk about what the future looks like for marathons amidst the Covid-19 crisis. We also connected with Olympian and “marathon mom” Krista DuChene who placed third at the 2018 Boston Marathon to provide her insight to training and racing today. The panel was rounded out by Calgary runner Sabina Lokanc, who would have been running her 20th Marathon last week in Boston.

RUNTalks | April 20 | Run Technology and the Cutting Edge of Performance

On April 20 we sat down with Canadian Olympic Athlete and 3000m Canadian Women’s Record Holder Jess O’Connell, world renowned Remote Gait Analysis and host of The Art and Science of Running podcast Malc Kent, and Garmin Product Performance Specialist Jonathan Low. In this talk we talked about where the cutting edge of running technology meets running performance. Specifically, we gained insights on how technology can be used to prevent and predict injury and support athlete development and performance, and took a peak into what the future of run technology may hold.

RUNTalks | April 13 | Getting Started with Rachael McIntosh, Tyler Richard, Calvin Zaryski

Each week we get questions from runners all over Canada who are just getting into running, coming back from a hiatus, or who are looking to step up their game. This week we spoke with three experts who were able to offer some insight towards taking those first steps once more. To start things off we spoke with heptathlete turned distance runner Rachael McIntosh, who offered her perspectives coming from an elite background into longer distances. Afterwards we talked about getting started or levelling up your game with endurance sports coach Calvin Zaryski. And finally we spoke with Saucony’s Tyler Richard who explained all about getting into the right pair of shoes!

RUNTalks | April 6 | Going Global with the Balcony Marathon Man, Olympian Gilmore Junio, and lululemon run ambassador Teal Gove

On this week’s RUNTalk we met up with the balcony marathon man, Elisha Nochomovitz from France as well as two time Olympic speedskater Gilmore Junio, and lululemon run ambassador Teal Gove. We had a fun talk where we talked having a resilient mindset through the challenges that life throws at us, as well as strategies for tackling life’s big moments.

RUNTalks | March 30 | Keep Running with Natasha Wodak, Tyson Plesuk, and Blaine Penny

On March 30 for our second virtual RUNTalk we were joined by Canada’s 10,000m Women’s Record Holder Natasha Wodak, physio to the Olympians Tyson Plesuk, and the head of MitoCanada and local fast guy Blaine Penny. We talked all things training, injury prevention, and staying active during the time of physical distancing!

RUNTalks | A New Normal | Trevor Hofbauer, Melissa Pauuwe, Kirsten Fleming

Starting March 23, 2020 our RUNTalks have gone virtual while we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. This week, we sat down with the executive director of the Calgary Marathon, Kirsten Fleming, two time Canadian Marathon Champion, Trevor Hofbauer, and local run coach Melissa Pauuwe, to talk about training and racing updates, and the road to Tokyo 2021.

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