I’ve never really blogged about what I listen to when I’m running, but I’m often looking for good run songs so I figured I’d write a quick post on some awesome runs that I use to amp me up for a tempo run, or calm me down for a long slow run.

So here’s what’s on my “HTFU” playlist (thats actually what its called, and if you don’t know what HTFU means, Google it).

  • Bulletproof – La Roux (high tempo song that gets me started)
  • Coming Home – Diddy (there’s something triumphant about the opening song that I just love)
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (this is a staple)
  • Gives You Hell – The All American Rejects (Need I say more?)
  • I’m Shopping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys (This is a GREAT song for short fast intervals)
  • Icky Thump – The White Stripes (Try having this song in your ear and not feel bad ass)
  • Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas (Kind of a “what are you made of?” song for me)
  • Stronger – Kanye West (Probably a cliche workout song by now, but still good)
  • Rooftops –  Lostphophets (This song is all about giving it your all, used to be the Flames opener song)
  • Rolling In the Deep – Adele (Its the opener to this song thats the most motivating, great song)
  • Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars (Great song, really motivational)
  • Not Afraid – Eminem (What would a HTFU soundtrack be without some Eminem?)
  • Time – Hans Zimmer (This is one of the songs from Inception, and was at the end of the 2010 Kona broadcast when Macca was on his last couple miles on his way to the win, listen to this song at the most mentally challenging point of a workout and visualize the finish line at your big race in slow motion, so powerful)

 Now that you know what I use to push me up a hill or crush a tempo or interval run, here’s my playlist that I use to slow myself down for a Sunday morning LSD run.

  • Use Somebody – Kings of Leon (Such a chill song)
  • Stop and Stare – One Republic (A cool song that you can visualize your whole season to)
  • Airplanes – B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams (preparing for Ironman Canada I listened to this so many times wishing and hoping I’d finish the swim!)
  • Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine (You can totally run on a Sunday morning and be perfectly content listening to thise)
  • Edmonton – The Rural Alberta Advantage (I can’t say enough awesome things about this band, just download their album Hometowns, its awesome and the whole album should be on this list)
  • Unwritten – Natasha Beddingfield (Girlie music at its best)
  • Lighters – Bad Meets Evil (A song about struggle and triumph, also with Eminem)
  • I Love this Road – Emerson Drive (Showing some love for country music here, pick your fave run route and listen to this song)
  • I Believe – Nikki Yanofsky (The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Theme! Listen to this, watch this montage, and just be inspired by our Canadian athletes)
  • All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers (See the video below, enough said)

Lastly there are two videos that I use to amp me up and get me ready for a run or a workout.  Just watch them.

And this next one gives me chills, you don’t even need to watch it, just listen to it

Have a great run!