Oh man, I’ve been brutal about blogging the past couple weeks.  And by brutal I mean I’ve been 100% missing in action.

Anyways, training has been going quite well.  And in all honesty, part of the reason I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs is because I’ve been swimming, biking, and running.  The weather in Calgary has been great and I’ve been racking up the mileage on my new S5.  I feel that the winter riding and work I did on the trainer has really paid off and now that I’m out riding on the highway again I feel pretty “on form”.

I honestly feel pretty lucky to live in an area that has as many good roads to ride as I do, so I thought this blog post I’d put up a few pictures of where I ride.  Its not very green right now since spring is just coming around, but it’ll get there.

This is a Garmin file for a ride around where those shots were taken.  They were actually taken on two different days though.

I actually had a flat tire at this point, with the wrong tube/valve

This at the top of a large climb called the Road to Nepal

This is another day a few weeks earlier at the beginning of the Road to Nepal

Same area, later in the ride.

Anyways, short blog post, but hope you enjoyed the shots!