Hey everyone, just wanted to put a quick blog post up to let you all know I haven’t totally fallen off of the grid.

I’ve still got one post to go in the Branding and Social Media series, where I’ll briefly summarize the key components of building your own brand as an athlete, and how that can help generate sponsorship, and put you a step ahead of all the other athletes winning races out there.

As a quick update on how training is going, things are going very well. I laid out a PB 10k a couple weeks ago at the St. Patrick’s Day race here in Calgary which was awesome, and am looking forward to the Calgary Police Half Marathon in less than three weeks. I was debating doing the SpeedTheory Cycling ACME 40k ITT the day before, but my coach suggested that may not be the wisest idea, and I’m inclined to agree.

Anyways, one other note, I’m actually putting together a Twitter list of all the athletes I can find on Twitter who are racing at Ironman Canada in Penticton this year, and you can follow that here.

Thats all for now, look forward to my next blog post later this week!