So I’ve gone about 2 or 3 weeks without a blog post! Super bad of me, I know.

Training for Ironman Canada has been coming along fairly well, as some of you know I don’t really have a whole lot of races on the schedule as I’m been pretty focused on IMC. My swim has been consistent and my biking has been fairly strong. Been spending lots of time in the mountains and in the foothills with routes that have at least a few categorized climbs.
Running on the other hand has been tough. I’ve been having some IT band issues, so I took a whopping two weeks off running. Went out today though and the legs felt good, albeit a little tired from a 184km bike ride yesterday (in 5:30!).
Anyways, the most exciting news of late though is that I will be racing in the ITU Long Course Age Group World Championships in Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain next year! The Chinook Half IM was a qualifier for it and if you read my lengthy race report you’ll know I faired quite well. Most of my family is from Spain so I’m hoping they can come out and watch it while I represent Canada on the world stage!
I’ll have another blog post up later this week. Stay tuned!