Your local bike shop is always the best first place to start when you’re figuring out where to get your bike serviced. Google something like “bike repair near me”, and you’re golden. Check out Google reviews, find a reputable shop, and give them a ring. That being said, if you’re looking to get your bike serviced in the spring (when everyone else has the same idea) expect to be booking an appointment at least a couple weeks out.

Bike repair shops in many districts are considered to be essential services and are often categorized under “vehicle and equipment repair and essential maintenance and vehicle and equipment rental services.”

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential activities happen on bicycle:

  • cargo and food delivery
  • picking up family groceries/medication
  • commutes by workers to essential services

Cycling is a key part of our transportation network, and bike shops are vital to supporting that transportation network.

If you’re in Calgary during Covid-19 right now I’d also recommend my buddies over at Ride Bikes & Service. They do mobile bike service and repairs at very reasonable rates, and typically they can get you in pretty quick.