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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well yesterday I did the ice bucket challenge and today will be making a donation to ALS Canada at www.als.ca.  Whether you’re challenged to take that chilly shower in ice or not, I urge you to learn a little more about this disease and the people its affected. If you don’t know already, ALS is […]

Welcome to ShutUpLegs.org

I'm Raf Lopez, curator of ShutUpLegs.org. An site with an open door to great athlete contributors, and a home for all things badass, HTFU, and related to training to be at the top of your game. Take a look around, post comments, interact, and keep coming back!

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  • Missed the first 20 minutes of #Gotham. Damnit working late! The only person good at working late is Batman... and Jim Gordon. 3 hours ago
  • @globeandmail Why report on this? Do the classy thing and don't give the low life hackers time they don't deserve, like many other outlets. 3 hours ago
  • 50km of running and 2 cyclocross races this week. Tiring but fun. Enjoying recovery now #pbcm @pbchocolatemilk http://t.co/PYR2CifeR3 1 day ago



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